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If you’re building or renovating your home in Mandurah, then you can go no further than The Cabinet Factory for your kitchen or bathroom cabinets. Our team of cabinet makers in Mandurah can create custom cabinetry based on your designs and ideas. We will help guide you through the design process so that you can create your dream home.

Our experienced cabinet makers pay attention to detail. They can create custom cabinets for your kitchen, bathroom or laundry. At The Cabinet Factory, we strive to satisfy every customer. Therefore, we work on each cabinet with quality craftsmanship in mind. Every product that our cabinet makers create must meet a stringent set of standards. Well-designed cabinets are an investment, which is why we work hard to make great cabinets.

As a locally owned family company, we proudly serve the Mandurah region and other surrounding communities. You can use our business to have cabinets made that compliment your home and furniture. Besides that, our team of cabinet makers can help you create cabinets that will suit your needs.